Project Scholarship

Project Scholarship is developing an online marketplace that is a Win for Students, a Win for College and Universities and a Win For companies. The way it works is that any company can "CrowdSource" a predefined project to CURRENT or POTENTIAL college students. The projects are designed to be a sampling of "real-world" tasks that companies need to be done every day yet are often "outsource" to overseas providers because they do not need to hire anyone full time for this type of project. Project Scholarship allows the students to perform tasks and enter submit they results as the application for the "micro-scholarship". The more time consuming the task is the greater the overall micro-scholarship is. Every project awards a first, second and third place winner.  awarded to winners to increase the number of students winning scholarships. The student's bank the micro-scholarships over the course of the semester or until they are ready to attend school. The students can then "withdraw" the scholarship bank in the form of a check to a nonprofit accredited  US only College or University.  

Win for Students - These quick-hitting projects or tasks allow the students to practice real-world skills and build there resume while in school.  Most important every dollar is scholarships is one less dollar that the student needs to borrow helping to alleviate our nations Student Debt Crisis. 

Win For Companies - Companies get a fresh perspective and enthusiastic effort on tasks that full-time employees often find routine or menial. So besides getting many iterations of an otherwise routine task done for a low set price set price; companies can use these projects specifically to screen candidates for internships and recent college grads. While students are using it to build there resumes, companies are using it to identify the students with those quality resumes. 

Win for Colleges and Universities - They are the ONLY  place the money CAN be spent.