For Employers

Recruit Rising Students

Project Scholarship grants employers the opportunity to complete current projects while assessing top student talent.

Complete Current Projects

Have a task your organization has been meaning to complete, but can’t seem to find the resources or time? Crowd-sourcing projects on Project Scholarship can help lessen your labor load. Post your project on Project Scholarship and current students from any eligible U.S. College or University will accomplish the assignment and compete for scholarship funding. Choose and report back on the first, second and third place winners. It’s that simple.

Evaluate Potential Employee

Students “work” for your organization on a project-by-project basis. This is the best way to assess future hires. Your organization will see what the student can produce. The nature of the project will determine the number of applicants. Project Scholarship also houses a Resume repository for employer review, allowing you to attract and further assess up-and-coming student talent early on.

Establish a Reputation

To post a project, your organization will provide a micro-scholarship to finance the students’ education. Project scholarship funds range from $250 to $1,000 per project. Project Scholarship pays the scholarship funds directly to the winner’s school. By posting projects, your organization will gain recognition and establish a reputation at top universities. Even students who don’t win the scholarship will appreciate the resume-building experience. Your organization can leverage this connection with students to further promote your organization on college campuses.



“We need to hire smart bright graduates and we don't have the luxury of making a mistake. The students project entries give us such a better indication of what type of work they will do when we hire them a resume ever could. Plus we love helping the students avoid debt.”  

- Manager, Startup Tech Firm


“Our client's revenue increased dramatically yet their headcount was the same. We asked, "what changed?"  They said, "Project Scholarship" so we needed to check it out for ourselves.”

- Partner, Accounting Firm

Offer Scholarships

The simplest and most affordable way for an organization to help address the National College Debt crisis is by offering student scholarships.

Finish Fundamental Projects

Every organization, no matter the size, has a long list of projects the staff can’t accomplish. Project Scholarship connects you with students who can help.

Land Top Talent

Nothing will make a current student loyal to your company like reducing their college debt.