Founding Sponsors

 Become a Founding Sponsor:

Does your organization believe in our Mission: Classrooms to Careers with Less Debt?  If you do then please show your support by becoming a founding sponsor. Founding Sponsors are critical to our all-volunteer 501c3 organization us executing on this mission.

Thus we are providing organizations who provide a small one-time contribution to the opportunity to be a permanent part of the Logo we use on all communications. We want the world to always know that these are the Companies who were brave enough to address America's 1.5 Trillion Student Debt Crisis. The companies who are part of our founding Sponsors logo have made an impact on students lives. 

The biggest challenge to launching a marketplace like ours is the Chicken or Egg Dilemma. Before we can reach critical mass in projects listed on the site, we need to have a large number of students. Students want to see quality projects before they will register for the site.

We have a concrete plan to address this dilemma, but it requires organizations showing that they support our mission NOW. The fact that companies are financially supporting our mission gives the early participants the comfort they need that our marketplace will overcome this short term dilemma.

 Become a Founding Sponsor HERE