Apprenticeship Aids Employers

The Apprenticeship program offers employers the opportunity to pick and train "apprentices". By being given an internship-like and hands-on experience, they can learn first-hand experience from the jobs and training that the employers will give them during the apprenticeship program and they can become potential employees to the employers that have taught and trained them.

Apprentices can be taught and trained by the companies' standards, making job hiring for employers more efficient and effective. By having already trained students you can avoid training full-time employees on their first month of work. Apprenticeship benefits the employer, what are you waiting for? Apply now.

  • Benefits of Micro-Scholarships

    Rather than writing essays about arbitrary situations to win scholarships, our Micro-Scholarship program gives students the opportunity to prove themselves to employers that they are worthy of being given a scholarship.

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  • Sponsoring Project Scholarship

    As a Nonprofit 501c corporation we survive on the generous support of the corporate community. Show you believe in our mission by sponsoring our organization.

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