Apprenticeship Aids Parents

The Apprenticeship program offers the opportunity to be taught by business owners and professionals. By being given an internship-like and hands-on experience, your child can get first-hand experience from the jobs they'll partake in during the apprenticeship program and can become potential employees to the ones training and teaching them. If they complete the Apprenticeship Program they will be given a certificate and enough work to put in their portfolio as proof that they are now ready for the world.

They can get job opportunities in a wide variety of companies. The array of companies willing to take in an apprentice is broad, what are you waiting for? Take the opportunity, apply now.
  • Benefits of Micro-Scholarships

    For many the traditional college path is the only way to proceed. For these individuals Project Scholarship has created a Micro-Scholarship program for students to help off set the cost college while being introduced to potential employers as early as possible.

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  • Professional Personalized Guidance

    Deciding IF you should send your child to college and the college selection process is one of the most critical decisions that you can make. Luckily you don't have to make it alone. We have screened a list of specialists who specialize in helping parents and students.

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