Create a Student Profile

As students start college, seeing the financial bill for the first time can be very intimidating and stressful. Creating a profile through Project Scholarship allows individuals to have an opportunity to graduate college with little to less debt by earning micro-scholarships through employer projects or public contributions.

Your profile on Project Scholarship will be personalized for just you. This platform is no the business standard format. On Project Scholarship, we are trying to move away from the resume, to more on what skills and contributions you can bring to a company. You can add a unique picture to your profile and tell your unique story to the public on why the public should support your story.

Creating a profile allows the individual to help network and expand your leadership and education. Student profiles will tell the public their stories,  accomplishments, and even solicit direct micro-scholarships.

Don't want to wait until you win your first micro-scholarship to create a personal profile?  We will create a personal profile and credit your macro-scholarship account the $10. All funds in your macro-scholarship account are subject to the macro-scholarship account terms of service.