Employers Gain An Advantage

Being short-handed in business is a very difficult scenario that no one wants to be in, but getting employees that are competent enough is even harder. Project Scholarship aims to solve this problem by offering programs like the "Apprentice Program" and Micro-Scholarships.

Sponsor students with great performances and introduce them into your company or hire an Apprentice and give them an opportunity to play a role in your company so they can learn and be trained by your standards. These students and apprentices can become potential competent and reliable employees in your company.

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  • Benefits of the Apprentice Program

    Sponsor aspiring Apprentices and teach them roles in your company to fill in a spot where your employee has been specifically trained with your own standards.

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  • Benefits of Micro-Scholarships

    The Micro-Scholarship program gives students the opportunity to prove themselves to employers that they are worthy of being given a scholarship.

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  • Sponsoring Project Scholarship

    As a Nonprofit 501c corporation we survive on the generous support of the corporate community. Show you believe in our mission by sponsoring our organization.

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