As a student, why should I join Project Scholarship?

As you might have experienced, it is difficult to get a job or internship - especially if you don't have any work experience. This is where Project Scholarship comes in. You can get work experience by doing a project for a company and get paid for it through scholarships. If the client likes your work, this opportunity can lead to a part time or even full time job.

As an employer, why should I join Project Scholarship?

As you might have experienced, it is difficult to hire the right employees. By giving out projects to students, you get a chance to see how they might perform if you hire them. If you like their performance, you can give them more work or train them to work for your company. This is a great opportunity to find employees that will make an impact on your company.

If I as an employer want to join Project Scholarship, how does it work?

When you have a project you want to be completed, you will fill out a form on the website with all the details. Make sure to specify where students should send their work and how many winners there will be. Right now, this part of our website is not ready so if you want to join, email us.  

How are the scholarship funds monitored and distributed?

The funds that your profile collects will be distributed twice a year or once a semester in college. This will allow your tuition to be paid for both semesters. The money your profile earns cannot be touched or used for anything else besides your tuition bill. 


Does this affect financial aid?

Project Scholarship does not affect financial aid. Your funds will be sent to your college or university via a check under your name to be pay your tuition directly. 

How do I apply for a project?

Step 1: Create your student profile on Project Scholarship
Step 2: Browse through the projects section
Step 3: Read project guidelines, and follow the submission rules