High School Teams

With so much on our plate, we are not currently focused on High School Teams. We expect this to be available in the second half of 2022. The main focus of High School Teams is to teach students on what a scholarship is and how beneficial it can be for their future. Every student has a dream school that they want to go to, but it may not alway be finically reasonable. Project Scholarship gives the opportunity for high school students to earn scholarships before even entering college. 

Benefits of joining high schools teams

  • Give students exposure to what a scholarship is - not every high school does a good job on teaching to students about scholarships, and how important they can be. Project Scholarship will be able to expose these students to these topics.
  • Help gain scholarships before entering college - get a head start on lowering their tuition before even starting college
  • Creates exposure to the real world - get exposure to what employers expect when hiring an employee before even entering college. 
    • Will set them apart from everyone else - not every student will have the opportunity to do employer projects and earn scholarships