Micro-Scholarships Aids Parents

Micro-Scholarships gives students opportunities to prove themselves in specific fields. Certain tasks will be given to student depending on what type of field they pick during the student profiling.

If the student would successfully accomplish the tasks, their results would be posted for employers to see. Students can be picked out by employers and given sponsorships and opportunities in their companies and/or businesses. What are you waiting for? Join Now!

  • Benefits of Apprentice Program

    There is a reason apprenticeship programs have been around for over a thousand years, it is because they just work. Learn more about how Project Scholarship is working with employers to bring out the potential of every individual with our apprenticeship program.

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  • Professional Personalized Guidance

    Deciding IF you should send your child to college and the college selection process is one of the most critical decisions that you can make. Luckily you don't have to make it alone. We have screened a list of specialists who specialize in helping parents and students.

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