Parents, You Are Not Alone

Sending our children to college can be stressful. The college system can be intimidating to parents because of how much it has changed. Some parents think that college isn't worth it, and some parents still believe in the traditional college-path for their children. The struggle and hassle from deciding whether to send your child to college or not is very real.

Project Scholarship is here to help parents all the way, we offer a Professional Personalized Guidance program for clarity of mind in deciding if college is the right choice. And programs like the Micro-Scholarships program for students to help them attract employers and sponsor them during their journey, and the Apprentice Program that gives you and your child an alternative path to get a professional certification.

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  • Benefits of Apprentice Program

    There is a reason apprenticeship programs have been around for over a thousand years, it is because they just work. Learn more about how Project Scholarship is working with employers to bring out the potential of every individual with our apprenticeship program.

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  • Benefits of Micro-Scholarships

    For many the traditional college path is the only way to proceed. For these individuals Project Scholarship has created a Micro-Scholarship program for students to help off set the cost college while being introduced to potential employers as early as possible.

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  • Professional Personalized Guidance

    Deciding IF you should send your child to college and the college selection process is one of the most critical decisions that you can make. Luckily you don't have to make it alone. We have screened a list of specialists who specialize in helping parents and students.

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