Student Profile Breakdown

By joining Project Scholarship, each student will have their own page that tells the public about them. This page is not meant to be formal, but rather to show off who you are.

What the student profile look like?

  1. Pictures - add multiple pictures that show your personality
  2. Card - all pages will have a card that has general information on it 
  3. Video - an opportunity to tell your life story where people can interact with
  4. Accomplishments - badges that show your accomplishments throughout life

By adding all four of these sections to your profile, this will officially make your profile as complete. By uniquely incorporating all of these sections, your story will be told. By telling your story, you can have the chance to earn tons of support by the public.  The more support you can generate on your profile, the more money you will make.

You do not need to complete projects to earn micro-scholarships. By telling your story and gaining support, people can contribute to your tuition to see you succeed.  We talked to college admissions and we made it in a way that these contributions do not affect your financial aid, but rather pay your tuition under your name.

  • Are you a Student?

    We define a student as anyone who seeks to learn new skills to improve themselves. We understand starting any new career is scary and extremely difficult. Thus we are are here to help make that transition.

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  • Are you an Employer?

    Is your company being impacted by the "labor shortage"? The reality is things have changed. Our platform is designed to help make it simple to introduce your company to a fresh eager talent pool looking for break.

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  • Are you a Parent?

    Project Scholarship was created by parents just like you. We are scared to death of the "expected" level of student debt our children are being asked bear. These debt levels are unacceptable so we took action.

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