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Education is essential for each student because it teaches us how to do things properly. However, college courses are very expensive. We help students get through the college-debt crisis by offering programs like the Micro-Scholarships Program. Project Scholarship also offer an alternative way in getting Professional Certifications through the "Apprentice Program" that may be better than the traditional college path.

Explore opportunities, find better options, help shape and share Project Scholarship for everyone. Learn more of what Project Scholarship offers, choose your path and take responsibility for your future.

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  • Benefits of Apprentice Program

    Apprenticeship is structured and guided hands on learning. The world is changing faster the Colleges and Universities so why pay them when you can be paid to get a Professional Certification?

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  • Benefits of Micro-Scholarships

    Rather than writing essays about arbitrary situations to win scholarships, our micro-scholarships add value to employers. By impressing employers you open doors to internships and Careers.

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  • Make a Difference

    Project Scholarship is a nonprofit 501c3 corporation powered by volunteers and corporate sponsorship. As a student you can help yourself by helping others and gaining priceless insights.

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