Who Shouldn't Apply To Join The Team?

If you're anyone who really would rather see people learn and not have a ton of debt and get hurt financially that there's a role and a way for you to contribute and be part of Project Scholarship. Being able to shape that, and then obviously the what's in the with them but what's in it for you is if you get on early like any one of these platforms there's less competition you're gonna earn a lot of money.

Who will not be a good fit to be on Project Scholarship Team?

  • Someone who is not actively participating within the team
  • “Only as strong as your weakest link”
  • Adding more weight to other team members shoulders
  • Bringing negative energy and not having a good attitude
  • Is it a big deal if someone makes a mistake or is that part of the process?

    Making a mistake is all a part of the learning's part of the process. Just like going to a new job, everything's going to be new, and you just have to have an open mind and do your best. At the end of the day, mistakes happen and you can only learn from them.

    We want everyone who is interested in Project Scholarship to join and to be apart of our team. This is not meant to discourage anyone, but you to tell them that they must be active!