What's In It For Me - Employers

What is in it for employers?

  • By giving away a scholarship, you assign a project that you want to get done
  • It’s a precursor for an internship
  • Takes away the risk of not knowing what students are capable of
  • Exposures students to company

The scholarship

  • Can have multiple winners or a single winner
  • The scholarship does not affect financial aid
  • Scholarship needs to be pre-funded
  • Projects will be completed by the student
  • Should be manageable and have a clear indication of what work students need to do

What students want to see in the project

  • Write it in a way that wants to make students apply for it
  • More details are better than fewer details
    • Will result in work
  • Set format project should be completed in
  • Scholarship amount
  • Timeline of project
  • Are you a Student?

    We define a student as anyone who seeks to learn new skills to improve themselves. We understand starting any new career is scary and extremely difficult. Thus we are are here to help make that transition.

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  • Are you an Employer?

    Is your company being impacted by the "labor shortage"? The reality is things have changed. Our platform is designed to help make it simple to introduce your company to a fresh eager talent pool looking for break.

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  • Are you a Parent?

    Project Scholarship was created by parents just like you. We are scared to death of the "expected" level of student debt our children are being asked bear. These debt levels are unacceptable so we took action.

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