What's In It For Me - Employers

What is in it for employers?

  • By giving away a scholarship, you assign a project that you want to get done
  • It’s a precursor for an internship
  • Takes away the risk of not knowing what students are capable of
  • Exposures students to company

The scholarship

  • Can have multiple winners or a single winner
  • The scholarship does not affect financial aid
  • Scholarship needs to be pre-funded
  • Projects will be completed by the student
  • Should be manageable and have a clear indication of what work students need to do

What students want to see in the project

  • Write it in a way that wants to make students apply for it
  • More details are better than fewer details
    • Will result in work
  • Set format project should be completed in
  • Scholarship amount
  • Timeline of project