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Project Scholarship

Public Relations Face of Project Scholarship

Just like being on a successful sports team, there are key positions. By becoming the Public Relations Face of Project Scholarship, you have the opportunity to network even more by creating more relationships with the public. The main task of this role is to tell the story of Project Scholarship. By telling the story of Project Scholarship and how it is important will bring more publicity to your story and name. 

What is the Public Relations Role of Project Scholarship?

A public relations role is a communications role that entails being able to create public relations in creative ways. The key concept with the role of public relations is to be able to promote to the public what Project Scholarship is and what it does, and how it impacted your life. 

There are some qualifications you must have to be the PR Face. They are:

  1. Love being on social media - promote and expand knowledge of the public on what Project Scholarship is
  2. Be outgoing
  3. Is a people’s person - Not afraid to talk to the public to promote and recruit for Project Scholarship
  4. Creative - Find creative ways to expand and promote Project Scholarship

Just like there was a version one, this is a version two we know we’re not gonna get it all right. There's gonna be and mistakes are fine this is a learning curve as much as it is. Nobody should be scared or nervous about wanting to be part of Project Scholarship as the public relations face. Being the face of Project Scholarship is a very beneficial role to have. It will teach and develop many soft skills that can be very helpful to have in your future career.