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Project Scholarship

Team Leader for Employer Projects

What does it mean to be the team leader for employer projects?

The main part of this role is to be able to be the leader of just the employer project section. By being in this role, you own the employer project section. With that being said, this team will help support the employers in different ways. This team is going to help them not just today but in their future endeavors. This process will adapt as we get more people on the team.

What is the main task of the envisioned process?

  • Help design and create different ways an employer can create a project
  • Give advice to employer from a students perspective
  • Help employers have a smooth transition from creating the project to being posted on the website
  • Overall support team for employers

This envisioned process is going to change when Project Scholarship expands. This is a support team that will be available to the employers that need help with their projects. 

With the main goal of the employers is to appeal their project and companies to the student, it is very critical that they receive suggestions from this team. Your suggestions will be very helpful to the employers because it is coming directly from the student. 

One benefit of being the team leader of the employer project is that your network will expand. By helping and working with the employers side by side, your network will constantly be growing.