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Project Scholarship

Team Leader for Student's Profiles

What does it mean to be the team leader for student's profiles?

By being the team leader for the student's profiles means that you own the Student Profiles section. Whether a student has trouble or needs support, this is your responsibility to help them. This role also entails helping design and creating the individual cards when the student signs up with Project Scholarship. 

With students creating profiles, and crowdsourcing funds we will need a team to work on the profile. The technology side is all covered on the backend, but having a support team to help create these profiles and automate the process is a big part. We have a lot of good ideas in mind but do not necessarily have all the team members to do it. With the goal being national, we are going to need a team that can help create a diverse group with different backgrounds, cultures, and environments that can make Project Scholarship for everyone.

What type of team we are looking for?

We are looking for multiple students for this role to create a diverse team. With the goal of Project Scholarship going nationwide, there is going to be a diverse and unique group of students. With that in mind, a diverse team is critical for wide adoption. The more students we can get to join the team the better.

This job entails that the student can help work on creating each individual profile as a new student joins. This is a support team for creating individual profiles specifically. Whether it is a student having a question or issue with their individual profile, this team will be here to support them.