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Project Scholarship


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About Individual Profiles

Why join the team? 

Join Project Scholarship. Who wouldn't want to be part of an organization that allows you to earn money that pays for your tuition? 

Creating a Profile

 This is where you can create and sign up for Project Scholarship. By joining Project Scholarship you can tell your story, to earn scholarships and contributions that pay for your tuition.  

Student Profile Breakdown

Multiple sections allow you to personalize your profile to fit just you. A general card allows you to add a picture, elevator pitch, and general information. There is also an accomplishment section and a video message section. Click the link to learn more.


Role: PR Face 

We are currently expanding our team on Project Scholarship! We are looking for a student to become the face of Project Scholarship. This section will entail the role and responsibilities of the PR Face. 

Role: Team for Individual Profiles 

This role will is for multiple students looking to be a part of the Project Scholarship Team. This role is specifically related to the student profiles. We need a wide group of students for the wide adoption of Project Scholarship.

Role: Team for Employer Projects 

This role is specifically related to the employer’s side. This role is a support team to help the employers in whatever they need. 

Who Shouldn't Join a Role 

Everyone is welcomed to join Project Scholarship, we do not discourage anyone who wants to join. Just like anything else, if you’re not doing a job and not participating, maybe this is not best for you.

High School Teams

High School Team 

Currently, High School Teams will not be released until the second half of 2022. The main focus of High School Teams is to provide students to start earning scholarships before entering college.