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Project Scholarship

Why Join the Team?


We are excited to be able to launch version 2 of Project Scholarship. We launched version one of Project Scholarship then the pandemic hit it gave us a chance to rewind look at everything we learned in version one and now come up with a brand new approach to something that we know has proven and is going to work.

Existing Roles

Why should you be excited to be part of this initial project scholarship v2 team? 

  1. Help shape and run Project Scholarship the way you want to - Joining the team, you have a say on how Project Scholarship can help students graduate with less debt
  2. Make money while being on the team - You can start making money early. The earlier you sign up, the less competition you have.
  3. Network and expand with employees - By joining project scholarship, the opportunity is created to tell your story to employers, and to build connections.
  4. Be a part of Project Scholarship Hall of Fame - by joining the team, your picture will be on Project Scholarship Hall of Fame Wall, which will help get your story out to the public.

Project Scholarship Hall of Fame

How to get Started

  • Create a Student Profile
  • Join a role with Project Scholarship
  • Start submitting employer projects for micro-scholarships

Who are some other people we want on our team to help build out Project Scholarship?

To shape this we are going to need a team of individuals. So the first thing with being on the team is that you have a lot to say, and I think anyone can join this team. We're looking for any student, but one of the key things is communication and being outgoing. Being on a team you have to be able to promote project scholarship being able to talk about it, and you have to be passionate about what you're doing. I feel like if you're not passionate about something that you do then it's not the right thing for you.