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Project Scholarship

As a Student Tell Corporations Why They Should Become a Founding Sponsor?

About The Project

The employer for Project: Project Scholarship
Project Format: Youtube Video
Scholarship Amount:$500
Scholarship Format: Multiple Winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd place)


See Video Below

Instructions: Since Project Scholarship is a Non-Profit 501c it is important to help convince Founding Sponsors to want to turn the students of Project Scholarships dreams into a reality. The goal is for Project Scholarship to always be run by students for students, thus it is important that we show corporations the value we can bring. 

As students, we are often seen by companies as interchangeable and even a hiring risk by smaller companies. By using video to express how unique we are and showing corporations how their support will benefit them, you will gain exposure and support for your future endeavors. The more companies who post projects, the more opportunities will be created for us students, and showcase their skills to help graduate college with less debt. Whether you want to highlight how Project Scholarship is a tool to earn scholarships, internship/job opportunities, or even as a networking tool, just show your passion as to how and why investing in students is the best investment any company of any size can make. 

Project Requirements

  • Youtube video under 3 minutes long
  • Explain why a corporation should become a founding sponsor to support students
  • The first 100 entries will be considered for the scholarship

How To Submit Your Video 

Judging will take around 2-4 weeks after the final submission. All the submissions will be reviewed, and the winners will be contacted and announced. Good luck to all who participate. 

If you have any other questions or concerns about this project please contact

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